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Nourish Your Body and Mind

Hey there!

My name is Kristen Kiesow (she/her)

I'm an English speaking Nutritionist in Germany. As a licensed Registered Dietitian, I bring real, no-nonsense nutrition to you.

If you've been struggling with recovery from an eating disorder, managing disordered eating behaviors, or if you're just tired of dieting, you're in the right place.  Using a compassionate, weight-inclusive approach, my goal is to help you find a positive relationship with food and health. Together, let's gain confidence in eating.

I offer individual nutrition counseling in English via Telehealth. I provide services to clients in Germany, the EU, and Pennsylvania (USA). I am available to meet with adultsstudy abroad students, children, teenagers, and families. I work in a gender- and body-affirming manner, promoting respect and inclusivity for all individuals.


Find your positive relationship with food.

Receive Personalized Support with
1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Person eating a meal with avocado and vegetables.


Nutrition Counseling for
Eating Disorder Recovery

This counseling is for those who struggle with restriction, binging, purging, body image, or any other eating disorder symptoms. You don't have to go through recovery alone.
You do not need to be formally diagnosed with an eating disorder in order to receive nutrition counseling - all levels of recovery are accepted.
Now accepting adults, students, children/teenagers and families. Available to provide Family Based Treatment informed care.

Nutrition counseling offers:
  • 45 minute weekly 1:1 sessions (package deals are offered) 
  • 60 minute family/partner session (package deals are offered)
  • Optional: 40 minute meal support
  • Customized plan for recovery
  • Priority email responses for support between sessions

Nutrition Counseling for
Expats & Internationals Abroad

As an English-speaking nutritionist in Hamburg and fellow expat, Kristen can help guide you through the nutrition-related challenges of moving abroad. These may include stress-related changes in eating habits, adapting to lifestyle changes, and acclimating to new food abroad.

Nutrition counseling includes:
  • 60 minute initial video session
  • 30 minute monthly video sessions
  • Monthly attainable goals that are customized to your lifestyle
  • If located in Hamburg: meal planning support and grocery shopping help are offered. Inquire for in-person sessions.
  • Optional: 20 minute office hour sessions
Picture of ice cream cone.


Balanced breakfast of oats and smoothie.


Nutrition Counseling for
General Nutrition & Intuitive Eating Support

This counseling is for those who are seeking nutrition education related to a medical condition. These may include: abnormal lab values (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.), diabetes, thyroid disease, endometriosis, PCOS, or gastrointestinal disease. This counseling is also for those who want to stop dieting and are seeking intuitive eating support.  

Nutrition counseling includes:
  • 60 minute initial video session
  • 30 minute monthly video sessions
  • Monthly attainable goals that are customized to your lifestyle
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Optional: 20 minute office hour sessions

Client Testimonials

"I've been working with Kristen for a few months now to help with my dietary issues relating to an autoimmune disorder and a life of disordered eating habits. Taking an intuitive and scientific approach, we've slowly been repairing my relationship to food and taking care of my body. Kristen has been incredibly helpful, imparting her years of knowledge in a kind and supportive manner, laced with a bit of humor to help lighten the load." 

Franca, 32, Berlin

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