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Helping You Create a Healthful Life Abroad

Find confidence with eating, no matter your location.

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Looking for a change?
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Hi there! I'm Kristen, an English speaking Nutritionist in Germany.  I offer individual nutrition counseling in English via Telehealth. Using a compassionate approach, my goal is to help you find a positive relationship with food and health.


I provide services to clients in Pennsylvania (USA), Germany, and all expats abroad.

I specialize in intuitive eating education, eating disorder treatment, gastrointestinal health, sports nutrition, and more!

Areas of Focus

Eating Disorders

Intuitive Eating

Expat Nutrition Support

Sports Nutrition

Women's Nutrition

Gastrointestinal Health

Nutrition Services by
Kristen Kiesow Nutrition

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Expat Nutrition Services

As a fellow expat living in Germany, Kristen understands the challenges of moving abroad. Moving away from your home country comes with new challenges that can impact your health. As an English-speaking nutritionist in Hamburg, Kristen can help guide you through the nutrition-related challenges of moving abroad. These may include: stress-related changes in eating habits, nutritional concerns after moving, or trouble with body image.

What Clients Are Saying

"I've been working with Kristen for a few months now to help with my dietary issues relating to an autoimmune disorder and a life of disordered eating habits. Taking an intuitive and scientific approach, we've slowly been repairing my relationship to food and taking care of my body. Kristen has been incredibly helpful, imparting her years of knowledge in a kind and supportive manner, laced with a bit of humor to help lighten the load." 

Franca, 32, Berlin

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