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Nutrition Counseling Services


Eating Disorder Recovery

Whether you have gone through eating disorder recovery before, or this is your first step to recovery, Kristen can support you on this journey to nutritional freedom and self-acceptance. Kristen has many years of experience as an eating disorder dietitian and is here to support you through recovery.


Expat & International Nutrition Support

Moving to a new country comes with new challenges that can impact your health. Kristen is a fellow expat and English speaking nutritionist in Hamburg, Germany. You can discuss expat-specific challenges, which may include:  stress impacting eating habits, homesickness, or emerging nutritional concerns after moving.


Intuitive Eating &
General Nutrition Education

If you feel exhausted from dieting and only focus on the number on the scale - Kristen can help you discover food freedom through Intuitive Eating education. Or, if you are looking for general nutrition education for a condition (such as abnormal lab values or diabetes), reach out to Kristen for support. 

Kristen is an English speaking nutritionist in Germany offering individual nutrition counseling via Telehealth services.

Nutrition sessions can be provided for eating disorder recovery, expat & international nutrition support, intuitive eating education, and general nutrition consultation.
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