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Eat With Confidence,
No Matter Your Location

As an expat herself, Kristen understands the unique challenges of moving to a new country. 

Between learning a new language, finding a job, making friends, and managing visa appointments, your health may take a back seat.

You don't need to struggle with your health & and nutrition alone!

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If you have recently moved to a new country and find yourself struggling with your nutrition, noticed weight changes, have challenges cooking with local food, or just feel exhausted by navigating the expat world alone -- Kristen is here to support you.


Moving abroad is an exciting experience. However, it can also bring about feelings of anxiety, stress, and even depression. Studies have found that 55% of expats exhibit signs and symptoms of anxiety or depression. Primarily due to 1) employment, 2) assimilating to a new country, 3) physical health concerns, or 4) managing stressors from their home country.


Studies have also found that disordered eating attitudes and body dysmorphia may increase during the relocation process.  

Do I need to see a nutritionist?

You may find working with an expat dietitian helpful if...

  • You are struggling to find healthy habits after your move abroad

  • You are ready to practice positive, intentional eating habits

  • You are exhausted by dieting and want to find individual health solutions

  • You are looking to learn about your nutrition needs from an expert

What do nutrition sessions look like?

After your complimentary 15-minute discovery call, you and Kristen will schedule an initial one-hour nutrition session. Monthly 30-minute follow-up sessions will follow. Kristen can provide weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending on availability.

During the sessions, you and Kristen will discuss your current eating habits, nutrition challenges, and health goals. Together, you will develop realistic & and attainable goals to meet your needs. Kristen will send you a review of what was discussed during the session, along with any worksheets, recipes, or research articles.

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