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Ditch the diet, discover food freedom

Your health is important. Your body deserves care.

Below are my core values which influence my work with clients:

Weight Inclusivity: Research has proven that health can be achieved at any body size and at any BMI. Your weight will not be the primary focus of our sessions. You can decide if you would like to disclose your current weight or discuss your weight history. 

Client Centered: No one is "one size fits all" -- and neither is my client philosophy! In our sessions, we will discuss your individual life, food preferences, and background to fit solutions that fit for you. 

Non-Diet Approach: Studies have proven that following a restrictive diet does not achieve sustainable, long-lasting, positive health results. I have an "all foods fit" philosophy, so you will not need to give up the foods you love in order to achieve your health goals. 

Evidence-BasedAs a credentialed registered dietitian, I always stay up to date on the latest research to support clients with current nutrition knowledge. I am committed to furthering my education and continuously learning throughout my practice.

Green Goodness

Is Seeing A Dietitian Right for Me?

Starting to wonder if seeing a nutritionist is right for you? Congratulations!

You are in the right place. Trusting a new healthcare professional can be difficult.

I hear you. But it's never too late to prioritize your health.

Do you relate to any of the statements below?

If yes, then seeing a dietitian could be the right path for you!

  • I am healthy, but am interested in learning how to improve my health & eating habits.

  • It's challenging for me to know what to eat, how much to eat, and what nutrients are important for my body.

  • I struggle with body image, and this negatively affects the way I eat.

  • I've had a recent change in my life (moving, pregnancy, new job, etc) and it's challenging to adjust my eating to this new lifestyle.

  • I constantly feel extreme hunger or extreme fullness, there is no in between.

  • I have tried diets in the past, but they have not worked. I lose some weight, but then gain it all back.

  • Eating feels like a chore and is stressful for me. I want to find enjoyment in food again.

  • A doctor is concerned with my health (gastrointestinal, nutrient deficiency, or lab results) and advised me to adopt healthier eating habits.

Book a free, non-binding consultation with Kristen to discuss your current challenges and health goals!

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